The Most Responsible Attitude

The Environmental Liability insurance guarantees Administrative Liability, for Environmental Damage or Imminent Threat of Damages resulting from the exercise of its activity.

Civil Liability for pollution or contamination and defense costs can also be guaranteed.

Reasons to have an Environmental Protection Insurance

Personal Exposure Control

After an environmental incident, people are also liable to be prosecuted. In fact, some local regulations may hold Directors and Managers, jointly or individually, liable for damages.


Environmental Liability Directive

Effective in Europe, it aims to hold companies, which cause environmental damage, responsible for all consequences. It includes serious damage in relation to protected species and their habitats, including protected places, water, including underground sources or soil and groundwater, where there may be a risk to human health.


Local Competence

With one of the largest subscription and high capacity teams in Europe, AIG can provide competent decision-making and value-added consultancy services.


Maintaining financial sustainability

It provides immediate protection (corporate and individual), with respect to the charges, expenses and damages that an incident may cause, threatening the financial viability of the company.


Reduction of reputational risk

The sensitivity of the media and the public to local pollution incidents can have an impact on the company's image. Hiring this insurance is evident evidence of the precautions that the company has taken to assume its responsibilities.


Multinational competence

Our extensive knowledge of sophisticated program structures and one of the most extensive lists of local environmental policies available on the market allows us to design and implement multinational programs that reflect the specific needs of each activity.


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