So that the security of the condominium is not a concern.

Condominium Insurance guarantees the protection of the common parts of the building and of the autonomous fractions. In addition to responding to the obligation to subscribe to a Fire Insurance for buildings in a horizontal property regime, it also guarantees coverage for Condominium Assistance, Home Assistance in the event of an accident or Legal Protection.

This is a condominium insurance that is adaptable to different types of buildings.

Transverse protection for horizontal property

Condominium insurance fully meets the obligations arising from the horizontal property regime, allowing the management of the condominium to guarantee the same level of protection for all fractions.

Protect your property with the 35 base covers, without deductible for buildings up to 20 years, which include:

  • Guarantee of civil liability of the condominium up to 100 thousand euros
  • Civil liability for the insured and household up to 100 thousand euros
  • Fire, Lightning and Explosion Mechanical Action
  • Electrical hazards
  • Troubleshooting
  • Damage to underground pipes
  • Coverage against acts of vandalism
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Theft or theft
  • Reconstitution of walls, gates and fences
  • Loss of income

To increase the protection of your property and adjust it to your needs, you have at your disposal the following 12 complementary coverage of this insurance for condominiums:   

  • Acts of terrorism
  • Machine breakdown
  • Administrator's personal accidents
  • Liability for swimming pool spaces up to 100 thousand euros
  • Liability for lease
  • Solar panels
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Seismic phenomena
  • Reconstitution of gardens
  • Retrofitting of the building or the safe fraction
  • Damage to employees' property
  • Condominium assistance

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