Life insurance tailored to you

For many, insurance is a pile of paper written in small print. For us, it is a commitment to savings, retirement and social security.

Flexible solutions were created that adapt to your financial availability and allow you to benefit from attractive rates of return and the financial strength of Companhia de Seguros

Count on the best protection for you and your family.



What are life insurance?

Life insurance works as a safety net in the event of a serious unforeseen event happening to you or your family. Inability to work or a serious illness are always events that irreversibly change the standard of living and, at these times, there is little help. Life insurance is the right option to help reorganize the day-to-day in the face of the change that has occurred. There are several types of life insurance that offer different levels of protection:

- Serious diseases

- Income protection

- Protection of the individual and family

Savings or investment insurance

They are simple and flexible solutions. You can choose the payment method that best suits your income and goal. Whether through single, sporadic deliveries, or through regular payments, the amount of which is always free to choose. Allow the use of the accumulated amount whenever necessary.

PPR Insurance

They allow to constitute the desired retirement complement. They are also simple and flexible products with an advantageous tax framework. The planning of the values to be placed in a PPR insurance is always in accordance with the objective and the financial availability at each moment.

Life insurance risk

Their objective is the financial protection of the family or dependents in the face of unfortunate situations, namely, in the event of death, disability or illness. This type of insurance allows the beneficiary to receive the contracted capital and, thus, face unexpected expenses or maintain the continuity of family life and the education of their children.